Far Out! The University Art Scene | Reno, Nevada 1960–1975

Between July 1 and September 9, Special Collections will host an exhibition featuring the works of local artists active on the University art scene in the 1960s and early 1970s. A sequel to the acclaimed 2011 summer exhibit “Post-war Bohemians in Northern Nevada”, the exhibit will highlight the next generation of leading-edge visual artists, and will feature a wide selection of two- and three-dimensional works and related historical materials.

On July 8, 3:30-6:00 pm, we will hold a reception in the Whittemore Gallery on the lower level of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center featuring live music by Sopwith Camel, guided tours, and an opportunity to meet the artists.

Free parking for the reception is available in the parking garage across from the Knowledge Center.


  1. What a great show…….I was so glad to see the work of a few people that I went to the U of N with back in 196-1962……you may remember me my name was Lynne Shurtleff from Massachusetts…..I too have been exhibiting nationally with fourteen Nat’l Shows…….Ball State Drawing 2 times…..thanks Jim McCormick……the Oaklahoma Art Center purchased one of my pieces back in he late 1968…I have been in numerous regional shows in Massaschusetts and Vero Beach, Florida with my husband Carl Rantz who is an artist also. I also write poetry and have had a few published as well as illustrating a couple of books…I recently became a member of the Nat’l League of American Pen Women…for 26 years I taught art to public school children in the elementary school in Plymouth and Carver, Massachusetts……I have a BA and MA in teaching creative arts……previously I lived in Mashad, Iran for four years…..nice to see your work and that you have kept on doing Walt, Jim, Cherk,Don Kerr, and Kelsie………E. Marie

  2. My name is E. Marie Francis and was Lynne Shurtleff when I attened the U of N back in the early 1960s. Loved seeing your work Walt, Don,Jim, Kelsie, and Cherk….I, too, have kept up and exhibited Nationally with 14 Nat’l drawing competitions…….Ball State Show twice….thanks Jim for your influence.. I also taught public school art for 26 years..lived in Mashad, Iran for 4 years…..now retired here in Vero Beach, Fl. with my artist husband….recently became a member of Nat’l League of Am. Pen Women as an artist………E. Marie

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